Free care messaging service during the Covid-19 pandemic

Welsh health tech innovators give away their care messaging app for FREE to care homes and home care providers during the coronavirus crisis

A lot of businesses are adapting their offerings to help with the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The situation has escalated incredibly quickly and it’s clear to see how businesses across many industries are struggling to cope. In these worrying times its great to hear about businesses making genuine offers of assistance to those struggling.

The NHS and social care providers have been doing an excellent job, and thankfully there are businesses out there that are supporting them. Whether that is switching to making ventilators or producing hand-sanitiser, it all helps and this collective effort will get us through these tough times.

Pobl care management system

Pobl care messaging service

Care homes are shutting their doors and elderly or at-risk people are now not allowed visitors. We can only imaging how distressing this is for their loved-ones.

For this reason PoblTech are offering their care messaging service for FREE to help keep families updated.

Pobl care messaging system

The system is a web-based app built to share care messages. It allows relatives to sign-in to see care messages relating to their loved-ones.

Some care management software allows this type of sharing to a certain extent, but not every care home uses software and not all software has the facility.

It’s up to care homes how much they want to share; it could just be a single post per day just to let a family member know that they are OK.

Nothing will compare to a physical visit, but hopefully the regular updates vis this system will go a little way to alleviating the stress and worry for those with relatives in care that they can’t visit.

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