Keeping connected with care home residents

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak we are reminded of how important digital technology can be in keeping connected with loved ones in a care home environment

Care home reporting system

Care homes across the country are closing their doors to visitors. Those that aren’t yet banning family members from visiting are probably considering it, and many family members are not visiting for fear of spreading the virus. These are very distressing times for care home residents and their families.

Digital technology can play a massive role in helping to alleviate these worries. In the past we’ve built systems which enable relatives of care home residents to keep updated with their loved-ones care. Things like viewing daily care notes, or changes to care plans can be viewed online. Some even allow users to contact the care staff directly if they have specific concerns.

These systems are very popular with relatives already, but we’ve noticed a very definite increase in sign-ups over the last few days. With the coronavirus situation escalating, the likelihood of not being able to visit care homes is increasing and so relatives are turning to other ways to keep in touch.

Although nothing will compare to a real-life visit or face-to-face talk with care staff, at least there are technologies out there that can help alleviate the distress.

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