Designing for a leading care provider

We work closely with Graham Care to design distinctive and engaging websites, web-apps and marketing materials

Mobile website for care home
Call to Action detail on care home website
Care home web page design
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Care home print adverts
Brochure design
Resident information management system
Resident information management system

We love to work with innovative healthcare businesses and the Graham Care Group is certainly in that category. Operating care homes for over 500 residents in Surrey and Kent, their Relationship Centred Care concept remains their principal approach to care provision.

Our work for Graham Care has included web design, branding, brochure design, event design and marketing materials. We have also designed and developed a number of bespoke web-apps for managing care staff and recording resident information.

Designing for care homes: look and feel

A care home website, as well as it’s other marketing materials needs to be friendly and welcoming. It should present the home as a happy, vibrant place, with a jam-packed schedule of activities and events to keep the residents entertained. Most importantly it should feel homely; not just a nursing home but an actual home.

At the same time, it must also show the operator to be trustworthy and professional to reassure potential customers that their loved ones will be properly looked after. This is a fine balance and we’ve worked closely with Graham Care to achieve this.

Care Home web design

As with all websites that we design, the sites for Graham Care are all responsive. This means that they will adapt to fit any screen size. Whether you visit on a smartphone or a desktop computer, the user experience won’t be impeded.

Care home website visitors tend to be older. This means that their eyesight may be poorer than the average web user. They may also not be as computer literate. For this reason extra care has been taken to ensure legibility throughout the sites. Clear navigation between pages is a must, and easy-to-find contact details.

We’ve included plenty of CTAs in prominent places throughout the sites. This makes contacting staff at the home much quicker and easier.

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